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Louis C.K. Convinces Conan to Vote for Hillary: ‘We Need Somebody Who Is Conniving, Crazy’

On Tuesday night’s Conan, Louis C.K. decided he was okay with alienating some fans if it meant listing off the reasons he, and everyone else, should vote for Hillary Clinton. While the Democratic nominee would probably appreciate his insistence that it’s time we have a mom in charge instead of dads, she might have bristled at the climax of the comic’s argument. “I don’t want somebody who is likable or cool anymore,” C.K. joked. “We need somebody who is conniving, crazy!” Regardless, Clinton has Louis’s complete support, though he explained he holds no ill will toward Trump supporters. He does, however, have a problem with non-voters. “If you’re a liberal and you don’t vote you’re a piece of shit,” he said. Now can we get that quote on a T-shirt?

Louis C.K. Convinces Conan to Vote for Hillary