Marc Anthony Wants You to Know That He Is Kissing Everyone, Not Just J.Lo

Mwah! Photo: enriquesantos/Instagram

As we all learned from Casablanca, sometimes a kiss really is just is a kiss. At the Latin Grammys last night, Marc Anthony and his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez performed a duet, which, sure, whatever, and then they kissed, which, oh my God. Or wait, as it turns out, Marc Anthony is just kissing everyone. Probably to deflect from rumors about a rekindled love affair between himself and J.Lo (which would be doubly unlikely considering  their tumultuous breakup after a decade of marriage), or maybe because he just loves kissing people, Anthony took to Instagram and Twitter this morning to share his kisses with various members of his entourage. Hopefully they were all as excited about it as he clearly is.

Marc Anthony Is Kissing Everyone, Not Just J.Lo