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Marc Maron Launches New Limited Podcast With Unearthed, Unaired WTF Recordings

Photo: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

If you know the kind of dark, intense stuff that has made it onto WTF With Mark Maron, you can only imagine what conversations got relegated to a shoe box under his producer’s bed. Starting today, the comedian and his producer Brendan McDonald will release an episode of WTF Uncovered every Friday until the end of the year. The WTF offshoot will feature previously unused audio dating all the way back to three years before the podcast’s inception. First up is an unused pilot recorded with Patton Oswalt in 2006. If you’re a now-famous comedian who bolted up from a dead sleep covered in a cold sweat last night, at least now you know why.

Marc Maron Launches New WTF Podcast