‘Married’ Creator Andrew Gurland Is Developing Another Marriage Comedy at NBC

Married creator Andrew Gurland has a new comedy project in the works at NBC. According to Deadline, Gurland is developing an untitled comedy for the network about “a happily married man whose level-headed wife helps him manage some of the more complicated female relationships in his life.” Gurland explained the project further by saying this: “I grew up around a lot of larger-than-life female personalities and continue to be drawn towards those types of women. Over the years, my wife, who is more of a ‘normal,’ has been sucked into that roller coaster and helped me navigate those dynamics.” Gurland is credited as a writer as well as a producer on the project alongside Peter Principato and Paul Young. Gurland is also behind Dwayne Johnson, Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay’s pro wrestling comedy pilot in the works at Fox.

‘Married’ Creator Andrew Gurland Is Developing Another […]