Martin Scorsese Will Meet With Pope Francis to Discuss Silence, and You Know the Pope Is Gonna Want a Screener

Photo: Getty Images

Hail Marty, full of grace, the Pope is with thee; blessed are thou among A-list directors, and blessed is the fruit of thy mind-womb, the upcoming Jesuit drama Silence starring Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield. As previously announced, Martin Scorsese is still set to premiere Silence for 400 clergy members at the Vatican on Thursday. As Pope Francis cannot be in attendance, however, he is hosting the Wolf of Wall Street director for a private audience at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday morning. Deadline notes that the pair will reportedly discuss the film and “the mission of the Jesuits, which is the priestly order Francis belongs to,” though how much do you want to bet Pope Francis will ask to screen the movie, and then Martin Scorsese has to try not to pass out while silently watching the actual Pope watch his movie?

Martin Scorsese to Meet With Pope Francis