Martin Shkreli Released That Secret Wu-Tang Album to Celebrate Donald Trump’s Victory

Reason Rally 2016
Photo: Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

Earlier this year, Martin Shkreli, the former pharmaceutical company CEO is best known for jacking up the price of HIV drug Daraprim, spent $2 million on the single available copy of the Wu-Tang Clan’s album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Then, as Shkreli is a Trump supporter, he promised to release the album if the Republican candidate won the presidency. Unfortunately, he did. And so, Shkreli began streaming the album. So far, we only have these few videos, which prominently feature Shkreli’s punchable face, though he has promised to share more, maybe. We suggest you only play the videos from another tab, or find some other way to block out the screen so as to spend as little time as possible with said face. Oh, and take some comfort in the fact that the album may be cursed.

Martin Shkreli Shares Secret Wu-Tang Album