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Matthew Broderick and Kyra Sedgwick Dated in High School

When Matthew Broderick was a high-school student, he was a much tamer Ferris Bueller and Kyra Sedgwick was his Sloane, kind of. On Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen got the two former classmates, who went to the same private school in New York, to reveal secrets, like the fact that they both used to skip class to go smoke cigarettes. While not quite the grand adventure Bueller might have planned, these hooky sessions might have also included some light making out to Earth, Wind & Fire, as they both confessed to sharing a young romance.

Sedgwick, who has been married to Kevin Bacon for forever by Hollywood standards (since 1988), was willing to go so far as to say “we kind of [dated], maybe a little.” Broderick, who has also been married for a couple decades, fanned himself and tried to deny it before conceding, “we don’t like to put a label on it.” They both agreed the attraction lasted for a couple of years and went “back and forth.” Before you start imagining the end credits rolling and singing Yello’s “Oh Yeah” to yourself, know that Sedgwick told Cohen they never knew each other “connubially.” Phew.

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