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Incredibly Intense Actor Michael Shannon Is So, So Angry at Trump Voters

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Michael Shannon, like so many others, is very pissed off about the results of the presidential election. And while promoting his new film, Nocturnal Animals, the actor sounded off in an interview with about how the former host of a reality show on NBC managed to ascend to the highest office in the land. And it was basically the “Michael Shannon Reads the Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Letter” version of political analysis. “I’ll tell you how to make sense of it,” said Shannon. “This country’s filled with ignorant jackasses. The big red dildo running through the middle of our country needs to be annexed to be its own country of moronic assholes. You can call it the United States of Moronic Fucking Assholes.”

And as far as how the residents of the U.S.M.F.A. got to a point where they were willing to vote for someone who said it’s totally cool for celebrities to grab women by their genitals without permission, well, Shannon isn’t super clear on that part, but he’s damn frustrated by it. “I don’t know how people got so goddamn stupid. But it’s really weird, because it’s like the last eight years, now it feels like a lie. Like, this has been festering underneath the whole time. Racists, sexists. And a lot of these people, they don’t know why the fuck they’re alive.” So in case you were still wondering, Shannon is not part of the optimistic “wait and see” demographic. “It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened,” he continued. “It’s the worst. This guy is going to destroy civilization as we know it, and the earth, and all because of these people who don’t have any idea why they’re alive.” Joss Whedon really missed an opportunity by not bringing Shannon into his Get Out the Vote campaign.

Michael Shannon Is So, So Angry at Trump Voters