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Miley Cyrus Is Trying Hard to Be Hopeful Through Heartbreak in Her Election Reaction Video

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If it’s been too long since your last crying jag, we’ve got one more reason for you to take another bathroom break at work today. In a video posted on Twitter, Miley Cyrus weeps and sniffles her way through an appreciation for the contributions of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and even works her way around to saying she accepts Donald Trump as a president, and hopes he can unite us in this most divisive time. For every Hillary supporter, and really for every disillusioned millennial, Cyrus really hits a lot of the right notes here, as she mourns not only the results of the presidential election, but Clinton’s personal loss. “I still think that in her lifetime she deserves to be the first female president,” says Cyrus. “And that’s what makes me so sad, is that I just wish she had that opportunity, because she’s fought for so long, and because I believe her when she says she loves this country. She has given her life to make it better.” To her great credit, Cyrus even avoids slipping into easy cynicism, which everyone has a right to access for a while in the wake of Clinton’s heartbreaking concession speech this morning, and closes her video with a plea for unification. Carry on crying.

Miley Cyrus Attempts Optimism in Election Video