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Mitski Offers Guest List Spots at Her Shows to POC and LGBTQ People Looking for a Safe Space Post-Trump Win

Secretly Group & Friends - 2016 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival
Photo: Amy E. Price/Getty Images for SXSW

Mitski is already doing her part to make Donald Trump’s America inhabitable for those directly threatened by his prominence and probable policies. Prioritizing the safety of vulnerable groups, the musician, who recently reportedly asked Trump supporters to leave her show and promised them refunds, has laid out a few finite measures to make her shows safe spaces. As one such measure, the singer is offering as many spots on the guest list for her shows as are available to any POC or LGBTQ people wanting, particularly those in red states. Earlier this week, she tweeted, “poc/lgbtq ppl in red states: I’m touring near some of u, so if u need a place to b, DM/@ me+I’ll put as many on my guestlist as venue allows,” and made the sentiment her Twitter bio as well. Additionally, Mitski has reached out to fans, asking them to serve as safety buddies for those who might have trouble getting to her shows sans harm. She’s also facilitating the latter process, tweeting, “poc/lgbtq ppl in red states coming to my show: if u need a safety buddy to travel w,@ me+I’ll RT so mayb my followers in ur area see+link up.”

Mitski Works to Make Shows POC, LGBTQ Safe Space