Netflix’s Upcoming Show ‘Pacific Heat’ Sure Does Look a Lot Like ‘Archer’

Back in September, Netflix ordered an animated comedy called Pacific Heat from Australia’s Working Dog Productions, and if the logline and still from the series reminded you of Archer at the time, the new trailer released today is not going to help blur the distinction. Co-creator Santo Cilauro addressed the resemblance in an interview last month by saying this: “We just kept looking at different designs and said you know what, this is the quickest way to get [what started as a] radio play into a visual form. We didn’t pay too much attention to who it looked like, what it looked like, whether it was reminiscent of something else … We just said that’s the way we pictured it in our heads.” Judge for yourself when Pacific Heat debuts on Netflix Friday, December 2nd.

Netflix’s Upcoming Show ‘Pacific Heat’ Sure Does Look […]