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The Next iOS Update Comes Complete With a Pair of David Bowie Emoji

David Bowie, in Emoji form Photo: Apple

Every iPhone user knows that a new iOS update can bring with it a host of quirks and issues that take a while to adapt to. But at least now you will have the proper emoji to express your glamorous impatience with it all. Pitchfork reports that the imminent iOS 10.2 update will bring with it a pair of David Bowie emoji — one male, one female — which will feature the iconic lightning-bolt face paint associated with 1973’s Aladdin Sane album. The emoji are a hat tip to the late, great music legend — though one non-binary emoji may have been a more fitting tribute to Bowie’s gender-fluid persona — and are reportedly part of an upgrade to the “jobs” portion of the library. Like us, you may be surprised to learn that “being David Bowie” is a job one can aspire to, alongside other emoji jobs like “cowboy/girl” and “lady/man chef.” So go out there and be Aladdin Sane, kids! And if your parents ask you what you’re up to, tell them emoji made you do it.

The New iOS Update Has David Bowie Emoji