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The New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Teaser Will Raise All Kinds of Discomfort About Droid Morality

You’re recovering from Black Friday, so take a load off, sit back, and enjoy this fun moral quandary: If one is forced to rebel, is one a rebel at all? That wrinkle comes to you courtesy of the latest Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story teaser. Everything’s just snappy exposition and footage that’s mostly been seen before — that is, right up until icon-in-the-making K-2SO says, “I’ll be there for you … The captain said I had to.” From there, it’s all thought-spirals about droids and their level of free will. Is anyone else sniffing out a third-act twist wherein K-2SO is the rogue one, only rogue for him means adhering to the will of the Empire? A regular Alex Keaton, that one.

The New Rogue One Teaser Has Good Droid Stuff