Nine Comedians Worth Following on Snapchat

Snapchat: it’s not just a messaging app that your 14-year-old nephew uses to send disappearing pictures. It’s also a place where comedians are creating content! The problem is how do you find these comedians creating weird, funny, sometimes very stupid things for you to consume? Unlike Twitter or Instagram, Snapchat is not very intuitive and makes it very difficult for users to find the people creating interesting things. To help you wade through the millions of snaps posted on a daily basis, we’ve assembled a list (in no particular order) of a few of the comedians worth following. If, like me, you struggled to figure out how to use the platform, just ask your 14-year old nephew.

Gil Ozeri

Username: gilozeri

The comedian and former writer on Happy Endings, Children’s Hospital and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the Snapchat comedy pioneer. He has pushed the limits of what’s possible on the platform. His posts are absurd, usually pun-based stunts that seem like they require a fair amount of planning. They serve as a great 6 to 10 second distraction, and if you miss them on Snapchat, he posts select snaps on the Twitter account @gilozerisnap.

Dan Levy

Username: danlevysnappy

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According to his Twitter bio, comedian Dan Levy is the “#1 King on Snapchat.” It’s an accurate description. Levy, a writer for ABC’s The Goldbergs, sends funny snaps at all hours of the day, many of which include guest appearances from unsuspecting Uber drivers or his two adorable children.

Kevin Hart

Username: KevinHart4real

Kevin Hart may be 2016’s highest paid comedian but he still has time to give motivational talks via Snapchat before and after he goes to the gym. Hart’s Snapchat offers an interesting glimpse into the life of a very busy comedian and actor, who is currently shooting the Jumanji movie with Jack Black and The Rock (things you can learn from watching Kevin Hart’s Snapchat).

Chelsea Peretti

Username: chelseavperetti

The comedian and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star is funny in just about every form, including Snapchat. She posts sporadically and most of her snaps focus on her dog, and sometimes we all just need comedians posting snaps about their dog.

Josh Ruben

Username: joshrubez

Christoph Waltz Spill

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Josh Ruben’s Snapchat has range. Formerly of CollegeHumor, the comedian and impressionist uses his Snapchat to try out a number of different characters, from Nick Nolte to Julia Roberts to a businessman ordering a sandwich. All of his snaps are also posted to the Instagram feed @joshrubensnaps.

Chris D’Elia

Username: chrisdelia

Sitting in the airport with these people. #airportlife (snapchat - chrisdelia)

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The comedian and former star of NBC’s Undateable is currently touring in preparation for his third standup special. He snaps regularly on the road and has the ability to find the funny in just about anything, including strangers falling asleep at the airport.

Amir Blumenfeld

Username: amirbloom

Amir Blumenfeld, best known for the web series Jake and Amir and Vimeo’s Lonely and Horny, has a smart, absurd sense of humor that translates well to Snapchat. There’s not a lot to say about his snaps except that they are funny and a lot better than most other people’s snaps.

Kelly Oxford

Username: kellyoxford

Author Kelly Oxford does not take things too seriously on Snapchat. The social media mogul already has a huge following on Instagram and Twitter, and uses Snapchat as just another place to share some spare observations, stories about her two young children, and occasionally a new character (which usually involves a Snapchat filter).

Chelsea Handler

Username: chelseahandler

If you have ever wondered what Chelsea Handler is like when she’s not being her provocative, acerbic self on TV, then follow her on Snapchat. She regularly posts what goes on behind the scenes of her Netflix talk show Chelsea.

Nine Comedians Worth Following on Snapchat