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President Obama Just Had to Remind Us This Election Is Not a Reality Competition Show Like Survivor or The Bachelorette

It would be easy to mistake this year’s election for a reality show: It’s painful to watch but hard to look away from, Donald Trump is the star, and there’s a colorful cast of characters you can’t imagine ever having a job in the real world. But despite the evidence, President Obama would like to reassure you that unlike say, RuPaul’s Drag Race, there is a contestant in this very real election who does not deserve to win. “You can’t make excuses for this stuff. This isn’t a joke. This isn’t Survivor! This isn’t The Bachelorette! This counts!” Obama said after detailing a litany of Trump’s flaws in a speech at Miami’s Florida International University. “This has to do with what’s going to happen in your family, in your community, to soldiers and veterans.” So next week, let’s pretend the whole Trump campaign was The Apprentice and forget it was ever on TV.

Obama Warns Us This Election Isn’t Reality TV