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Paris Hilton Voted for Trump, As People With Their Last Names on Buildings Tend to Stick Together

Paris Hilton Launches Her New Shoe Collection Spring/Summer 2017
The face of an America that’s been left behind. Photo: Victor Chavez/WireImage/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s rise has been attributed, in many cases, to the economic anxieties of the white working class (or maybe just racism), but what do we make of his support from fellow rich people like Paris Hilton? In an interview on Australian TV to promote her new fragrance “Gold Rush,” Paris Hilton revealed that she voted for President-elect Donald Trump. “I’ve known him since [I was] a little girl,” she said. “So, yes.” Hilton refused to reveal her voting preferences in the run-up to the election, but her history with Trump had made headlines earlier this year when reporters dug up a 2003 Howard Stern interview in which Trump said that he had found Hilton attractive when she was 12. Does Hilton’s now-public Trump support signal that she’s angling for a position in the understaffed Trump administration? If so, we suggest that someone put her in charge of NASA.

Paris Hilton Voted for Donald Trump