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Parker Posey Sets Course to Play Dastardly Dr. Smith in Lost in Space Reboot

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When the Robinson family blasts into Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot, they’ll be joined by Parker Posey as “Dr. Smith,” reports Deadline. As one of only two main characters who are not members of the Robinson clan, a family that decides to go all Little House in the Prairie style to pioneer far-away planets, in the 1960s series, it was Dr. Smith’s role to throw the ship off-course and generally cause problems, both intentionally and out of laziness. Jonathan Harris, the part’s originator, played the character in early episodes as more of a classic, mustache-twirling villain, but eventually the Robinson family wore down on him and made him more a lovable schemer who wasn’t so good at scheming. Now that Posey is taking over, and making the part a woman, who knows what’s in store for Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins, and Taylor Russell, who have all been cast as members of the fam. The series is set to premiere in 2018.

Parker Posey to Play Dr. Smith in Lost in Space