Patrick Stewart’s Reaction to the Presidential Election Proves He Will Be Your Hero, Baby

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Patrick Stewart, who will take away your pain Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Now that we’re passing from a state of post-election shock to one of protest and action, the nation needs a few brave souls to be beacons of the movement. And if one or two of them are, oh, I don’t know, former Starfleet captains, that wouldn’t hurt the cause. Enter the U.K.-born, U.S.-residing Patrick Stewart (who should really have global citizenship). P-Stew took to Twitter not to rant inelegantly about our new political situation — a completely understandable and reasonable response — but rather to make a simple statement: That he is here for you. In a tweet, the beloved Shakespeare-trained actor chose not a verse of iambic pentameter to make his point but rather a simple image of himself bearing a safety pin on his lapel, with the hashtag #SafetyPin. The protest accessory started turning up after Brexit, and it became a subtle, yet potent way of saying you stand in solidarity with those who may be subject to xenophobia, racism, sexism, or one of the many other delights brought into relief in the wake of the Brexit vote and, now, the Trump presidency. Certainly Mr. Stewart has been vocal about his dislike of Trump in the past, but this small, simple gesture is a reminder that we can, and should, continue to go high. Not to mention a reminder that we have a pretty significant population of wonderful immigrants in this country.

Patrick Stewart Reacts to Presidential Election