Ricky Martin Is So Sweaty and Awkward Talking About His Marriage Proposal

Has Ricky Martin always been this awkward? It’s kind of adorable! Ricky Martin announced a lot of big news on Ellen, including some very personal news that he is now engaged to his boyfriend twin, Jwan Yosef. “I was really nervous, but I got on my knees and I took out the little metal box. I just had it in a little velvet pouch and instead of saying ‘Will you marry me?’ I said, ‘I got you something!’ Bad,” Ricky recalls. “I said, ‘I want to spend my life with you’ and he was like, ‘What is the question?’ ‘Would you marry me?’ That’s it.”

But at least he’s more comfortable talking about his professional career. Like many an aging pop star before him, Martin, too, will take up a Las Vegas residency. And because Ellen has taken up the mantle of gift-giving from Oprah, she bequeathed two tickets and a two-night stay for the audience to Ricky’s show. Time to scream!

Ricky Martin Awkwardly Proposed to His Fiancé