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Robert De Niro: Vote Hillary to ‘Prevent Tuesday From Turning Into Tragedy’

Spike TV's Guys Choice 2015 - Show
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Spike TV

Robert De Niro is doing everything he can to make sure Donald Trump does not get elected. De Niro even made an incredible PSA about Trump, and mentioned that he would like to “punch him in the face.” According to Deadline, tonight he got one final shot to speak his mind during the Hollywood Film Awards. De Niro was accepting the Hollywood Comedy Award for his work in the upcoming dramedy The Comedian, but used his acceptance speech to sway voters. “We are here to celebrate the movies of Hollywood and nobody throws a party better than Carlos de Abreu and the Hollywood film awards,” De Niro said. “But the shadow of politics is hanging over us more than anything else and it’s hard to think of anything else. We have the opportunity to prevent Tuesday from turning into a tragedy. So vote for Hillary Clinton.” While his speech resulted in encouraging applause, host James Corden came back onstage to take a poll before Tuesday. “Show your hands if you’re voting for Donald Trump,” Corden said. There was a meager show of hands, and then one woman shouted, “Who cares?” To which Corden promptly responded: “Shut the f*ck up, you look like somebody who’d be voting for Donald Trump.”

Robert De Niro: Vote Hillary to Prevent Tragedy