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Run the Jewels Are Counting on Ugly Holiday Sweater Parties Still Being a Thing With New Run the Yules ‘Sweater’

FYF Fest 2015
Photo: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Sure, anyone could host a holiday party where they blast Run the Jewels’ “A Christmas Fucking Miracle” on repeat, but what about playing that song while wearing a festive T-shirt or sweatshirt with Killer Mike’s and El-P’s faces? In the 2016 edition of their annual “Run the Yules” holiday sweater (not actually a sweater) there are the aforementioned mugs, a red reindeer, green hearts, snowflakes, and Christmas trees. Run the Jewels announced the merchandise on Twitter, writing, “Perfect for your next ugly-sweater holiday party.” So we guess you should start planning that now? Or else you’ll have to go with the next best thing: a party where everyone wears T-shirts with the text of hacked Hillary Clinton emails about Killer Mike (it’s a thing, really). See the holiday merch below. 

Run the Jewels Selling a Gem of an Xmas Sweater