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Samantha Bee Anticipates a Nationwide Case of PTSD After Election Day

The thing about employing a scorched-earth strategy is that the earth stays scorched long after the battle is over, and Samantha Bee is anticipating a necessary nationwide coping period in the aftermath of this gruesome presidential election. “I have a lot of agita,” Bee told the Daily Beast. “I think that we all do. I feel like we’re all going to have great, national PTSD once this is all done.” The late-night host, who is described in the article as wanting to burst into tears at the thought of our collective emotional wasteland, also expressed her desire for a day when she doesn’t have to say Donald Trump’s name even one time in a Full Frontal broadcast. “I’m so excited for it to be over,” Bee added. “I’m so excited to be able to talk about other things. I’m so excited to not have to say the words ‘Donald Trump,’ hopefully, for at least a little while. That would give me a great sense of peace.” We wish you peace, Sam. We wish ourselves peace.

Samantha Bee Anticipates Post-Election PTSD