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Samantha Bee Runs Through the Steaming Pile of ‘Misfits, Deplorables, Zealots, and Extremists’ Up for Trump White House Jobs

After winning the election via the Electoral College, Donald Trump has started assembling a White House staff, as Samantha Bee points out, “now that Barack Obama has told him that’s a thing presidents have to do.” The results, as she explained on Full Frontal, are pretty shambolic, from a chief of staff and dastardly human anagram Reince Priebus to chief strategist Steve Bannon, a racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic white nationalist, and otherwise unpalatable human whom the Republican establishment has just pretended not to know. Oh, and let’s not forget Trump’s potential cabinet picks, a list that includes several investment bankers, a group of men who could not care less about the environment, and even Sarah Palin and Ben Carson, recurring SNL characters whose central gag stopped being funny years ago. It’s like Trump’s a Pokémon trainer, but the Pokémon are just racism, sexism, and general incompetence.

Samantha Bee Runs Down Trump’s Cabinet Plans