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Samantha Bee Has a Shockingly Believable Conspiracy Theory About Donald Trump

It only takes one person in a position of relative power to plant the seed that could dismantle the presidential election just days out from the apocalypse. No, we’re not talking about James Comey, but none other than American hero Samantha Bee. See, she’s been watching this game closely and has decided, once and for all, “Fuck it, two can play this game.” Her conspiracy theory: Donald Trump can’t read. Guys, guys, don’t laugh, this is serious! Her supporting evidence: Well, hot damn, a lot. One could say Sam Bee has the receipts and she, unlike Trump, is proud to stand here today and spell every last one of them out for you. Move over birthers, there’s a new conspiracy theorist in town.

Sam Bee Has a Very Good Trump Conspiracy Theory