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Samantha Bee Uncovers Another Troubling Connection Between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

If there’s one thing Samantha Bee’s years of experience as a top fake-news correspondent have prepared her for, it’s how to ask the right interview questions. While media outlets scramble to uncover President-elect Donald Trump’s potentially dubious connections to foreign businesses, only Bee could uncover an embarrassing state secret two world leaders share in a growing conspiracy she is solely peddling. With the help of prominent anti-Putin journalist Masha Gessen, Bee is getting the word out that not only should we question Trump’s ability to read, but also the Russian president’s literacy. Shocking! Yet, somehow their mutual admiration seems a bit more inspiring — two illiterate grown men just trying to cheer each other on while overcompensating with a strong arm. We’d watch that made-for-TV Lifetime movie.

Sam Bee Uncovers Another Trump-Putin Connection