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Scandal Season 6 Trailer: It’s Definitely Not Too Late for Olivia Pope to Regain the White House

The new trailer for Scandal season six drops us back into the narrative on Election Day (Shonda Rhimes knew we wouldn’t have another campaign season in us, even if it was fictional, and God bless her for it), but 24 hours is still plenty of time for both campaigns to be thrown into absolute chaos, what with all the cabin explosions, shouting, and fabulous capes in the mix. Really, what the voters want is kiiiiinda on the back burner. Mellie might be done running for office, but Liv will personally take over the role of president and/or vice president on both party’s tickets if that’s what it takes, and hopefully it does. She can be her own First Lady too. The show returns Thursday, January 19.

Scandal Season 6 Trailer: The Votes Are In