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Like You, Lovesick’s Antonia Thomas Was Happy to Lose That Scrotal Recall Title Because She Can Now Discuss It Free of Shame

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In addition to giving a charming show a better shot at finding viewers, Scrotal Recall’s name change to Lovesick is useful insofar as you are now again free to look your friends and family in the eye. Antonia Thomas, who plays Evie on the show, feels you. Thomas is delighted by the Netflix series’ new title, happily admitting that excising the word “scrotal” from her daily vocabulary has “basically changed my life.” In this new, glorious post-Scrotal world, Thomas is “able to actually talk about the show, as opposed to avoiding talking about it ‘cause you don’t want to mention the title,” the actress explained to Digital Spy, adding, “It was a weird situation to be in, because we were so proud of the show, but you didn’t feel like you could talk about it ‘cause you’d have to say ‘scrotal’ — so yeah, it’s great!” Thomas also noted that while the original title had a technical, clinical accuracy for a show about a guy revisiting his exes after he learns he has an STI, the crudeness of Scrotal Recall didn’t quite line up with the show’s heart. She said: “The old title misrepresented the show in terms of the tone of it … It technically worked, but actually I think the show has much more heart to it and is sweeter than Scrotal Recall suggests.” Of course, while past bad TV titles like Cougar Town or Trophy Wife were eventually somewhat reclaimed as part of the charm, that was unlikely to ever happen with Scrotal Recall, because the word scrotal, on a purely phonemic level, is gross.

Scrotal Recall Star ‘So Happy’ About Name Change