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It’s a Superhero Extravaganza in the Sneak Peek of Doctor Who’s Christmas Special

If you never thought Doctor Who would give itself some Marvel-esque treatment, Steven Moffat is here to laugh at your sorry little Dalek face. In the first footage from Who’s upcoming “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” Christmas special, the smooth-talking Doctor (Pete Capaldi, lookin’ good as always) and the delightful Nardole (Matt Lucas) are snooping around the offices of a suspicious American corporation with the help of a newspaper reporter. And what do we have here? A quintessential foreign villain who has a penchant for pointing guns at people, and a masked vigilante superhero who says neat things like “mind if I come in?” after blasting open nuclear-explosion-proof windows. Embrace the cheese, embrace it, Whovians! The episode will air December 25 on BBC America.

See a Sneak Peek of the Doctor Who Xmas Special