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Oz Is Low on Wonder and High on Grime in the Trailer for NBC’s Gritty Emerald City

While Dorothy’s desperation to leave behind a technicolor fantasia for black-and-white Kansas in The Wizard of Oz  is somewhat confounding, Miss Gale’s motivation is looking pretty clear-cut in the first trailer for the gritty (read: Oz has many majesties but no showers) Emerald City. In the NBC drama, which seems to be shooting for Game of Thrones by way of Once Upon a Time, Dorothy’s a young police officer and Toto is a K9 police dog, which at least explains that pup’s miraculous calm around an actual lion and whatnot. Adria Arjona plays Dorothy, while Vincent D’Onofrio is your that-dirt-looks-strategically-placed Wizard. There’s a lot going on in the trailer for steampunk Wicked — which debuts January 6 in the Friday night slot — but if you are to leave with just one takeaway, may it be Dorothy and grimy Scarecrow k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

See the Trailer for NBC’s Gritty Emerald City