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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump’s Hamilton Feud and Finds Potential Conflicts of Interest

Seth Meyers continued his Late Show crusade against President-elect Donald Trump on Monday night by examining the all-encompassing Trump v. Hamilton Twitter feud. On top of arguing that Vice-President-elect Mike Pence gets booed at nearly every major public event he goes to (Meyers offered video footage of a minor-league game in Pence’s home state of Indiana as evidence), Meyers declared that the tweet firestorm, which Pence, the hurt party in this case, wasn’t at all interested in, was more of a distraction. While Vulture has our own counterpoint to the distraction argument, Meyers makes his case using news stories from recent headlines that might not appear quite as mesmerizing in the spotlight as Hamilton.

Seth Meyers Looks Close at Trump’s Hamilton Feud