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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Why Free Tacos Won’t Fix Our Political Dead End

From speaking in the parlance of reality TV to inception-ing Sara Bareilles, Barack Obama is truly doing his damnedest to get out the vote. But, as enticing as Obama’s recent free-tacos-for-early-voters plug may have been, Seth Meyers explains on Thursday’s “A Closer Look” segment that even free food, once thought to be hope beyond hope, cannot save us. Because, what with GOP leaders promising a Hillary Clinton win wherein they block her Supreme Court nominees indefinitely or go straight for impeachment, our democracy is constipated — and all of that sweet taco cheese will not help. You know, most people apply the concept of “lose-lose” to a morally complex situation, but what the hey, Armageddon works too.

Seth Meyers Takes Closer Look at GOP Strategy