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Sharon Jones Had a Stroke While ‘Watching the Election Results’

89.9 KCRW Presents Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings At The Wiltern Theater
Photo: 2016 Getty Images

Legendary soul singer Sharon Jones died last week following a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer, and now friends and collaborators of the late powerhouse are beginning to shed light on her final days. According to Gabriel Roth of the Dap-Kings, the election of Donald Trump as America’s next president was the leading cause of Jones’s initial stroke, which ultimately lead to her death. “Well, she’d been fighting cancer for a few years now, and there’s been all kinds of stuff coming at her,” Roth told the Los Angeles Times in a new interview. “But the thing that actually got her in the last couple of weeks was, she had a stroke watching the election results. After that first stroke she couldn’t move her leg, but she could still talk.” Roth quickly traveled to the hospital that was treating her in Cooperstown, New York, with the rest of the Dap-Kings soon following suit.

“I saw her and she told the people that were there that Trump gave her the stroke. She was blaming Trump for the whole thing,” he continued. “She didn’t seem anxious or scared or anything. She just wanted to sing, you know, and every time there was a lull in the room she would start moaning some kind of gospel song.” Jones soon suffered a more serious stroke, Roth says, which rendered her unable to “talk or respond” to prompts anymore. She died a week later, surrounded by her family, friends, and bandmates at her bedside.

Sharon Jones Had a Stroke on Election Night