i'm not crying

Cry With Shay Mitchell Through Her Pretty Little Liars Farewell Letter

The series finale of Pretty Little Liars won’t be airing until next spring, but with production wrapping last week, the principal cast has been sharing their emotional farewells across social media. And with them the PLL faithful have started the long process of detaching from the battiest nighttime soap on television. If Troian Bellisario’s misty-eyed Instagram posts have been giving you the weepies, then you’re going to full-on ugly cry through Shay Mitchell’s “Farewell Letter” to her character, Emily Fields, her cast mates, and the show’s crew and creators. “To my sisters Ashley, Sasha, Lucy, and Troian, we did it. We managed to stay close through seven years of high school, and that will always be what I’m most proud of,” Mitchell said through sniffles. “I’d like to think that somewhere in an alternate Rosewood universe these five women will always remain a constant in each other’s lives, just as I hope we all do in our own reality.” I’m not crying. You’re crying!

Shay Mitchell Bids Tearful Good-bye to PLL