Tyler Perry’s Studio Is Co-Producing a Remake of South Korea’s Miss Granny

Photo: IMDB

One of South Korea’s biggest comedic hits of recent years is taking over the world, one remake at a time. Miss Granny, a 2014 flick about an elderly grandmother who is suddenly transformed into a 20-year-old again, has been adapted with Chinese-, Vietnamese-, Thai-, Indonesian-, Indian-, and Japanese-language versions. Now Miss Granny’s reverse-Big shenanigans — she walks like an old woman but is cool enough to join her grandson’s heavy-metal band — will also get English- and Spanish-language remakes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tyler Perry’s Studios’$2 34th Street Films is set to co-produce the English version, which makes sense, because Granny’s main personality traits (foul-mouthed, stubborn, and more than a bit nosy when it comes to her child’s life) sounds a lot like another movie grandma Perry knows all too well. Don’t be surprised if the 2018 American adaptation involves some fools getting whacked upside the head. 

South Korean Film Miss Granny to Get U.S. Remake