post-election mourning

South Park Is Here to Hollowly Reassure You That America Will Be Great Again

For the past 20 years, South Park has used paper cutouts and animation to render our national political climate with uncanny accuracy. And less than 12 hours after Donald Trump’s victory was officially declared in last night’s presidential election, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have the Marsh family sharing a dinner that really captures the morose mood of about half of the country’s voting population right now. There’s stunned speechlessness, hollow platitudes meant to provide comfort, blind rage, and uncomfortable silence broken only by the sound of silverware clanking across plates — which, it turns out, feels like the honest sonic embodiment of 59 million Americans’ inner monologues right now. South Park’s next episode, called “Oh, Jeez,” airs tonight. Take a knee and get ready for a tough talk.

South Park Already Has a Take on Trump’s Win