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Star Trek: Discovery Casts a Gay Character and a New Alien

CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Discovery is keeping its promise to feature a gay character in its central cast. The series announced today that Anthony Rapp, famous for playing Mark in the original Broadway cast of Rent, has joined the cast to play Lieutenant Samuels, a “fungus expert and Starfleet science officer” on the titular starship Discovery who also happens to be gay. He’ll be one of only a few gay characters in Star Trek history. Earlier this year, Star Trek Beyond revealed that John Cho’s Sulu is gay, but George Takei has insisted that his version of the character was not. Doug Jones, famous for his turns as mystical beings in Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, and even Buffy, will also join the Discovery cast as Lieutenant Saru, a “an alien species new to the Star Trek universe.” We already know that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s Michelle Yeoh is in the cast as Captain Georgiou, who heads up the starship Shenzhou. There’s still no word on who will play Discovery’s female lead, though it better be someone pretty good to keep up this streak.

Star Trek: Discovery Casts a Gay Character