Start Your Day Off Right with John Early’s Flawless Britney Spears Impression on ‘Conan’

The wonderful John Early was a guest on Conan last night to promote the premiere of TBS’s Search Party, and if you desperately need a laugh this morning, look no further than this clip of him sharing his flawless impression of Britney Spears singing her hit song “Lucky,” which Early rightly describes as both “iconic” and the perfect melancholy song to reflect our current times in America.

Also worth noting: Early’s Conan entrance included a hilarious reveal when he showed the back of his shirt to the audience, which looked like this:

“It’s a really weird week, but I’ve always wanted to kind of be a part of a fascist state,” Early says. “That’s always been on my bucket list. So I’m kinda pumped!” (Team Coco hasn’t uploaded the clip yet, but you can catch it in the full episode upload here.)

Check out another clip from Early’s appearance below:

Start Your Day Off Right with John Early’s Flawless […]