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Susan Sarandon Is Justice’s Dream Car Mechanic in Their ‘Fire’ Music Video

When electronic-disco duo Justice push their broken-down, mud-covered convertible into a desert repair shop in the music video for “Fire,” they find every human on Earth’s fantasy mechanic, Susan Sarandon. While it’s unclear how Sarandon fixes their car — she mainly seems to be welding something else entirely and the guys are the ones getting all nice and sudsy as they wash the vehicle manually — she does end up taking over the wheel and going for a spin. Probably the right move, considering her history of driving a similar ride while wearing a white shirt in Thelma & Louise. Luckily for Justice, there’s no Grand Canyon this time around. Also, there’s a white robot who looks both vintage and futuristic, like something out of the Jetsons, roaming around, because why not?

Susan Sarandon Stars in Justice’s ‘Fire’ Video