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How Every Swing-State TV Character Would Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election

Photo-Illustration: Maya Robinson and Photos by Getty Images and FOX

Swing states are pivotal in a presidential election. One vote can make all the difference. And that one vote could be from me, from you, or … from Michael Scott. We had so much fun guessing how fictional New York City TV characters would vote in the New York state primary, we decided to revisit pretend politics for the general. There are only two rules: Your character had to be conceivably alive and eligible to vote in the year 2016 (bad news for Andy Griffith, good news for the kids of Fresh Off the Boat) and a significant part of your show had to be set in one of ten swing states (sorry, Coach, Weeds, and Nip/Tuck, which moved around). Fun fact: The only TV show set in Iowa to go more than one season is American Pickers, but they are disqualified for being real people. Now get out the vote! 



Jeff: Hillary
Britta: Jill Stein
Abed: Hillary
Troy: Gary Johnson
Shirley: Hillary
Pierce: Trump
Dean: Hillary

Mork & Mindy
Mindy: Hillary
Mork: Cannot vote because he is an alien

South Park
Realizing that the jokes are too easy at this point, the town secedes from the nation.


American Horror Story: Freak Show
Bette: Hillary
Dot: Trump, to piss off Bette
Jimmy: Hillary, to appease Bette

John: Trump
Meg: Hillary
Kevin: Trump
Sally: Trump
(You know Danny was never registered to vote.)

Cougar Town
Jules: Hillary
Ellie: Trump
Laurie: Hillary
Travis: Hillary
Grayson: Writes in Marco Rubio
Andy: Hillary
Bobby: Trump

Fresh Off the Boat
Jessica: Hillary
Louis: Hillary
Eddie: Hillary
Evan: Hillary
Emery: Hillary

The Golden Girls
Rose: Gary Johnson
Dorothy: Hillary
Blanche: Hillary
Sophia: Hillary

Jane the Virgin
Jane: Hillary
Michael: Hillary
Rafael: Hillary
Petra: Trump
Xiomara: Hillary
Alba: Hillary
Rogelio: Writes in Rogelio De La Vega


Freaks and Geeks
Lindsay: Hillary
Sam: Hillary
Daniel: Doesn’t register to vote in time
Neal: Hillary
Ken: Gets the days mixed up, tries to vote on Wednesday
Nick: Hillary, to impress Lindsay
Bill: Gary Johnson
Kim: Trump
Millie: Jill Stein
Harold: Trump
Jean: Hillary, but tells Harold she’s voting for Trump

Home Improvement
Tim: Trump
Jill: Trump
Brad: Trump
Randy: Trump
Mark: Trump
Wilson: Jill Stein
Al: Hillary
Heidi: Trump

Sister, Sister
Tia: Hillary
Tamara: Hillary
Lisa: Hillary
Ray: Trump
Roger: Hillary (to impress Tia and Tamara)


Reno 911
Dangle: Hillary, because he sees himself in her
Wiegel: Gary Johnson because she’d get confused and think he’s a librarian
Johnson: Hillary
Garcia: Trump
Williams: Hillary
Junior: Trump
Jones: Jill Stein


The West Wing
(because you know the Bartlets became very active in the local Manchester elections when they moved back)
Josiah Bartlet: Hillary
Abigail Bartlet: Hillary


The Andy Griffith Show

Opie: Trump

The Carmichael Show
Jerrod: Hillary
Maxine: Hillary
Bobby: Hillary
Nekeisha: Hillary
Cynthia: Trump
Joe: Trump

Eastbound & Down
Kenny: Abstains after Twitter feud with Trump
Stevie: Gary Johnson

One Tree Hill
Lucas: Trump
Nathan: Hillary
Peyton: Trump
Haley: Hillary
Brooke: Hillary


3rd Rock From the Sun

Dr. Albright: Hillary
The Solomons: Think the election is a prestige cable drama

Clarissa Explains It All
Clarissa: Hillary
Ferguson: Trump
Sam: Hillary

The Drew Carey Show
Drew: Hillary
Mimi: Trump
Lewis: Gary Johnson
Oswald: Trump

Family Ties
Elyse: Jill Stein
Steve: Gary Johnson
Alex: Trump
Mallory: Trump, because of Ivanka
Jennifer: Hillary

Will: Hillary
Sue: Trump
Rachel: Hillary
All the other kids forget to vote

Hot in Cleveland
Melanie: Hillary
Joy: Can’t vote, not an American citizen
Victoria: Trump
Elka: Hillary

Melissa & Joey
Melissa: Trump
Joey: Trump


The Goldbergs
Adam: Hillary
Barry: Trump
Erica: Hillary
Beverly: Hillary
Murray: Trump

How to Get Away With Murder
Annalise: Hillary
Nate: Hillary
Wes: Hillary
Connor: Hillary
Michaela: Hillary
Asher: Trump
Laurel: Hillary
Frank: Trump
Bonnie: Hillary
Oliver: Hillary

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Let’s not be ridiculous, none of them are registered to vote.

My So-Called Life
Angela: Hillary
Brian: Hillary
Rayanne: Jill Stein
Rickie: Hillary
Jordan: Trump
Patty: Hillary
Graham: Hillary

The Office
Jim: Hillary
Pam: Hillary
Dwight: Gary Johnson
Kelly: Trump
Ryan: Trump
Angela: Hillary, but only after the Billy Bush tape
Phyllis: Hillary
Meredith: What the heck, Trump
Creed: Would never register to vote and let the government know his whereabouts
Kevin: Trump
Stanley: Hillary
Oscar: Hillary
Andy: Gary Johnson
Toby: Hillary
Darryl: Hillary
Erin: Hillary
Michael: Holds an electoral-college-themed meeting and says he’ll vote for whoever gets the most votes in the office. Ends up mislabeling his ballot.

Pretty Little Liars
Spencer: Hillary, and campaigns for her in Rosewood
Hanna: Hillary, but finds the aloofness of Gary Johnson adorable
Aria: Goes in voting for Hillary but accidentally clicks the button for Trump
Ezra: Trump
Emily: Jill Stein
Alison: Hillary
Caleb: Never registered to vote because of his vagabond lifestyle
Mona: Hillary

Queer As Folk
Michael: Hillary
Justin: Hillary
Brian: Likes to say, “Would Trump really be that bad for the gays?” at parties, but Hillary


American Dad
Stan: Trump
Francine: Trump
Hayley: Gary Johnson
Roger: Wears a disguise to the polls but gets arrested for voter fraud

Will: Hillary
Alana: Hillary
Margot: Hillary
Jack: Hillary
Hannibal: Trump, so that he can assassinate him and display him in the White House in the grossest way possible

Carrie: Hillary
Saul: Hillary
Peter: Hillary


Step by Step
Carol: Trump
Frank: Trump
Dana: Hillary
Karen: Trump
Mark: Gary Johnson
J.T.: Trump
Al: Trump
Brendan: Gets lost on the way to the polls

That ‘70s Show
Eric: Hillary
Jackie: Hillary
Kelso: Hillary, because Jackie made him
Hyde: Gets too stoned and forgets to vote
Donna: Hillary
Fez: Can’t vote, not an American citizen
Kitty: Trump
Red: Trump, duh

Who Swing-State TV Characters Would Vote For