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Tippi Hedren Would Like to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey With Her Granddaughter Dakota Johnson

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Photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images for ELLE

In news more nerve-wracking than the entirety of The Birds, Tippi Hedren would like to watch Fifty Shades of Grey. Now, that’d be a fine and dandy plan under most circumstances, but it’s a bit something else given the particular circumstance that Dakota Johnson, star of the racy film, is Hedren’s granddaughter. Hedren revealed her hope to Variety when she was asked if she’d seen the film and answered: “I haven’t seen it. I have a copy here. What I’d like to do is watch it with Dakota sometime.” Hedren declined to explain why, but perhaps someday she can elucidate her logic for her daughter, and Johnson’s mother, Melanie Griffith, who has largely abstained from the pleasure. Oh, what a family movie night that would be.

Tippi Hedren Wants to See 50 Shades With Dakota