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Tom Hanks Is an Ardent Fan of His Ass in Forrest Gump

People love Forrest Gump, the textbook definition of a crowd-pleaser. Tom Hanks, man of the people, also loves Forrest Gump. There’s a part of it, however, that pleases him above and beyond the rest, and that part is his ass. Since Hanks played a literal cross-country runner in the movie, he had to get darn fit for the part, particularly in his derriere. And as Hanks looks back on an illustrious career, that butt sticks out to him, pert as it is. Hanks shared his love of his butt on The Graham Norton Show, revealing that if it comes on cable, wife Rita Wilson lets it play to see “that fine Hanks ass.” And the longtime couple is of one mind; Hanks, too, thinks “it’s a beautiful thing to behold.” Finally, the answer to that whole “hate to see you leave, love to watch you walk away thing”: Put that behind on film.

Tom Hanks Loves His Ass in Forrest Gump