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Trevor Noah Roundly Dismisses Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims, Jill Stein’s Relevance

On last night’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah took on Donald Trump, Jill Stein, and the recount effort (or rather, the American voter) in one deft little segment, reminding us that nothing is normal in this election cycle. After all, the latest news involves a recount requested by a third-party candidate whose proposed use of surplus recount funds is questionable, and a president-elect who tweeted about the “millions of illegal votes” that prevented him from taking the popular vote. Trump, a “sore winner” according to Noah, “just wants the popular vote because it has the word ‘popular’ in it.” As for Stein, Noah takes a moment to appreciate the setting of her self-shot video (“Why are you hiding in a cabin in the woods, Jill Stein? No one is looking for you.”) before pivoting to her reasons for a recount, specifically “human error.” Watch, and then read how a few other late-night hosts with Daily Show credentials are adjusting to this new comedic context.

Trevor Noah Slams Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims