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Trevor Noah Wants the Media to Treat Donald Trump Like the Toddler He So Closely Resembles

Given that Donald Trump has made a habit of seizing control of the media narrative around him almost every day by tweeting a few flagrant lies, Trevor Noah thinks it’s time for the press to come up with a new way of dealing with the president-elect. Instead of trying to argue with Trump’s patently false claims, Noah suggests that the media treat him like the toddler he figuratively (and maybe literally, if we’re talking a BoJack Horseman Vincent Adultman situation) is. So, Noah suggests it’s time we stop arguing with Trump and start trying to coax him toward explanations. Also, maybe we can institute a presidential nap time right around whenever the president-elect feels the urge to reach for the Twitter app on his phone.

Trevor Noah: Treat Trump Like a Toddler