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The Good Wife Spinoff Will Deal With the Effects of Donald Trump’s Election

The Good Wife
Photo: CBS Photo Archive

Whew, Peter Florrick for president isn’t sounding too shabby right about now. But while Peter’s scandals may have kept him out of the White House on The Good Wife, reality has not been so harsh to President-elect Donald Trump, and that’s a societal shift that Good overlords Michelle and Robert King say they will address on spinoff The Good Fight. Speaking at the Scripted Television conference, Robert King reportedly went so far as to suggest that Trump’s rise gives The Good Fight a reason to exist. “With Trump and the cultural shifts we’re seeing we’re really excited — there’s a strong rationale for the show,” he explained. He also suggested that the cultural caterwaul currently taking place will find its way onscreen, with an exploration of a country that is “possibly accepting of a cruder culture.” Oh, and while our ever-embattled Alicia Florrick will not feature on The Good Fight, make no mistake, she is not pleased with Hillary’s defeat. Giving a hint as to what Alicia has been up to in the aftermath of one literal and one figurative slap in the face, Robert King revealed, “I don’t think she’s in a good place with Trump winning.” As with us all.

Trump’s Election Will Affect Good Wife Spinoff