The Vulture TV Podcast: Gilmore Girls Edition

The Gilmore Girls reboot by and large gave fans what they wanted: a return to Stars Hollow that, despite its missteps, felt close enough to the original to satisfy. On this week’s Vulture TV Podcast, Matt, Jen, and Gazelle debate what they thought of the series, and whether TV reboots can ever be as good as the original. Plus, we’re joined by Scott Patterson, who plays Luke on the show, to talk about what it was like being Luke again, the scene that made him emotional to film, and why he doesn’t watch the show. (Many, many spoilers ahead.)

Patterson on filming a particularly charged kitchen scene with Lauren Graham:

The first time we did it, [Graham] came in on the first take with very, very powerful emotion. And I knew what the scene was about, and so I let all of that stuff rise up in me and I got very emotional in that scene. And it was just such a … I don’t know if it was very Luke-like but, you know, it appeared. I don’t think they even printed the take, they didn’t use it. But I remember, yeah, the kitchen scene, it was very powerful. It’s what I felt. It’s what the character felt. The thing they teach you in acting school, is — and if you’re really lucky, you get a teacher that really harps on this one point — is if you know your character really well, and you believe and you’ve bought into the given circumstances of the situation that you’re in, whatever feeling comes up, whatever emotion comes up, is the correct one. Don’t edit yourself and don’t try to cut it off and get in your head and [think], Oh I have to steer this over here because that’s more correct. No. You let it come up. And that’s what I did. Whether it was appropriate or the correct balance for the scene, that’s not for me to decide, that’s for the director. You can’t question yourself in the moment.

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The Vulture TV Podcast: Gilmore Girls Edition