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Dave Chappelle Knows We Need to Laugh, So He Spoofed The Walking Dead With Chappelle’s Show Characters

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe … who is Dave Chappelle’s Negan going to kill on The Walking Dead with his precious bat? Is it The Chappelle’s Show’s cracked out Tyrone Biggums? The scaredy-cat Chuck Taylor, who’s presumably still anchoring News 3? What about Clayton Bigsby, that resident black white supremacist? Or even Lil Jon? Someone does indeed get the decapitation treatment in the end c’mon, half of this crossover is TWD, after all but the sketch is still very lighthearted and even takes a turn into the surreal. Welcome back to the small screen, old friends!

Walking Dead Meets Chappelle’s Show on SNL