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Here’s a Promo for Passengers, a Movie About Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Hooking Up in Space, Set to a Song Called ‘Levitate’

As far as we can tell from its trailersPassengers is a movie about Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence having a bunch of sex in space, until something goes terribly wrong in their spaceship and then there are so many explosions. But forget about those explosions! Sony’s latest promo for the movie really wants to emphasize all the sex in space that is definitely going to happen in this movie. As if to make sure that you really, really get the point, the promo is cut to the song “Levitate” by Imagine Dragons, which was written for the movie. Presumably the song is called “Levitate” because much of Passengers takes place in zero gravity, and presumably Imagine Dragons was chosen because Sony’s music supervisor is a college freshman building his first sex mixtape.

Watch a Very On-the-Nose Promo for Passengers