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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Do Mad Lib Theater

The best Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon bits are the ones that most resemble a slumber party moment or drinking game gone slightly askew … in front of a national audience. It’s therefore always the most quirky, lovable, or committed guests that make for the best bits, and that’s why this game of “Mad Lib Theater” with Benedict Cumberbatch is a true treat. On the show to promote nothing (just kidding, haha! Doctor Strange! Got you!), Cumberbatch proves to be his Cumberbatch-iest while giving Fallon ammunition for the mad lib — in other words, while he very quickly, and precisely thinks of quite complex answers to simple, fill-in-the-blank questions. A unit of measurement? Half a millimeter, of course. An action word ending in -ing? Well, gyrating, naturally. As Fallon himself says, “You’re an interesting gentleman.” And as Cumberbatch’s grizzled detective might reply, “No one can steal 4,229 eggs.”