A Britney Spears–Hosted Slumber Party Looks Like a Great Place to Escape the World’s Troubles

Where do you go when all the world’s a Dumpster fire burning relentlessly through the night? Some might say straight to bed, preferably after a few Xanax. But might we suggest a magic-carpet ride to Britney Spears’s mansion, where she’ll apparently be hosting end-of-the-world slumber parties from now until doomsday? Okay, technically, we have no idea what the state of the nation looks like beyond the oasis that is Britney and Tinashe’s “Slumber Party” video, because, like a true escape from the apocalypse beyond, nothing else matters. All you need to know is that there are sexy men around every corner, themed attire, some A-plus flirting between Brit and Tinashe, and Britney licking a spilled drink off a table. Because while it may be the end of days, there’s no reason to be sloppy. It’s the best video to come from Britney’s Glory era so far. Go crazy!

Watch Britney Spears’s ‘Slumber Party’ Video