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We Can Only Hope Dave Chappelle Is Walking Toward Post-Election Catharsis in This Saturday Night Live Promo

This Saturday Night Live promo for Dave Chappelle’s impending hosting gig this weekend feels insubstantial on the surface. It’s just 15 seconds following the comedian as he walks, but as we stare down a highly uncertain future, it seems strangely perfect. What is Dave walking toward? Is it hope? Is it catharsis? Is it frustration? Is it a monologue that just consists of him sitting on the edge of the stage and crying? That last bit might be projecting, but Chappelle hosting SNL is a grand public appearance for a comedian who’s been mostly scarce on TV since he walked away from his own hit show in the middle of its third season a decade ago. Chappelle only recently was tossed into the election fray when he had to shut down criticism suggesting that he’s a Trump supporter. According to Page Six, he’s been testing out new Trump material during his stand-up sets around New York; we’ll have to wait until Saturday night to find out how he’s coping with this major political twist.

Watch Dave Chappelle’s SNL Promo